AI in Education: Ethical and Epistemic Perspectives

6-7 Mar 2024
Eindhoven University of Technology and online - Eindhoven (Netherlands)

The workshop aims to provide space for discussion on the exciting topic of AI in Education. New technologies, such as Large Language Models, can transform the educational sector for the better through the implementation of personalized learning programs and other solutions that can significantly improve students' progress and grading systems. The possibility of AI inclusion in education, on the other hand, has raised serious concerns regarding privacy, data protection, authorship and plagiarism issues, responsible use, and the possibility of unforeseeable long-term consequences of reliance on advanced digital solutions in education. The workshop AI in Education: Ethical and Epistemic Perspectives is just the first step in creating an interdisciplinary platform where experts and scholars from various fields come together to discuss, debate, and delineate future implications, potentialities, and challenges of AI in education.
Scientific domain :  Computer Science - Technology for Human Learning - Artificial Intelligence - Computers and Society - Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality - Human-Computer Interaction - Learning - Humanities and Social Sciences

Place of the conference
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