RaAM 2024 - Metaphor, Inclusion, and Accessibility

6-7 Jun 2024
The University of Macerata - Macerata (Italy)


2024 marks the return of RaAM's biennial Specialised Seminars, which aim to bring together metaphor scholars, practitioners, and researchers to share insights, expertise, work in progress and proposals for future projects in specific areas of study. Having previously addressed topics including Discourse (Ciudad Real, 2007), Multimodality (Amsterdam 2009), Time and Genre (Almagro, 2011), Emotion, (Poznan, 2013), Translation (Leiden, 2015), Ecological Cognition (Odense, 2017), and the role of Metaphor at the intersection of multiple disciplines (Liège, 2019), the focus of this 8th Specialised Seminar is Metaphor, Inclusion and Accessibility. The seminar will be hosted by the University of Macerata, in central Italy, on 6-7 June 2024.
Scientific domain :  Linguistics - Psychology - Environmental and Sociaty - Psychology and behavior - Cognitive Sciences

Place of the conference
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