Scientific Workshop - Supporting Open Source Hardware in Academia

12-13 oct. 2023
TU Berlin - Berlin (Alemania)

The workshop "Supporting Open Source Hardware in Academia" aims at networking the practitioners of Open Source Hardware in Academia, with the idea of making this approach mainstream. The conference will mainly consist in breakout groups exploring various open hardware subjects such as: - Teaching OSH: resources, activities, challenges - Research recognition & governance issues - Tools / infrastructure / support (ICT, makerspaces): challenges, possibilities, state, outlook - Policy: how to mainstream OSH in academia - Research outlook in OSH: community, bottom-up VS top-down. - ... The participants will have allocated time at the beginning of the conference to suggest and select ideas for these sessions based on an unconference model. The conference will also feature projects presentations, panels sessions as well as poster sessions.
Disciplina científica :  Computers and Society - Information Retrieval - Other - Education - Library and information sciences - Engineering Sciences

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