Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia International Symposium 2024

24-26 abr. 2024
Lille, Le Nouveau Siècle - Le Nouveau Siècle, Lille (Francia)

Welcome to the CDH 2024 abstract submission website. In order to submit one or more abstract, you first need to create an account on this website ( Submission Guidelines: As the purpose of the meeting is to share a broad spectrum of CDH-focused investigation, submission of previously presented work is acceptable. Further, work that is concomitantly being submitted to another meeting is acceptable. Work that is published (in print) at the time of abstract submission should NOT be submitted. If you wish to submit an abstract to present your work, please indicate the theme that best fits your work (multiple topics can be selected); and you can attach a maximum of 2 files to your abstract.
Disciplina científica :  Food and Nutrition - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology - Cellular Biology - Development Biology - Ethics - Genetics - Human health and pathology - Santé publique et épidémiologie - Humanities and Social Sciences - Statistics

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