30 years of mathematics for optical imaging

25-27 sept. 2023
Village club du Soleil, Marseille, à côté de la gare Saint Charles - Marseille (Francia)


Over the last 30 years, mathematics and computing have become increasingly essential for acquiring and processing images from optical systems. In particular, this has made it possible to observe certain phenomena with previously inaccessible resolutions or to automatically interpret large volumes of data. These advances have had an impact on almost every scientific discipline, and the pace now seems to be accelerating with the advent of artificial intelligence. This conference will provide an opportunity to present the successes and pitfalls in this constantly evolving field. The speakers will present the most significant advances, but also the forgotten technologies, as well as the challenges for the future.
Disciplina científica :  Artificial Intelligence - Medical Imaging - Learning - Modeling and Simulation - Neural and Evolutionary Computing - Image Processing - Signal and Image Processing

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