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The Art and Science of Managing Performance

29-29 feb. 2024
Collège de Paris / ISF Campus 2 place de La Défense, 92092 Puteaux. CNIT, block 3, 3rd floor - Paris (Francia)

Performance Management is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary practice that plays a crucial role in driving success and achieving goals in different domains such as workplace, performing arts, education, sports, healthcare, and organizations, etc. However, the strategies, techniques, and challenges associated with performance management can vary significantly across these diverse contexts. It is within this framework that this call for contributions is made. We invite researchers and practitioners to submit papers that investigate and explore the diverse contexts of performance management. We welcome submissions from various disciplines, including but not limited to management, psychology, education, arts, sports science, and healthcare, etc.
Disciplina científica :  Humanities and Social Sciences - Education - Business administration - Musicology and performing arts

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