Huma-Num, 10 Years of Building a Research Infrastructure at the European level.

25-26 sept. 2023
Centre de colloque du Campus Condorcet - Aubervilliers (Francia)

What exactly is an infrastructure for Social Sciences & Humanities? A decade ago, it was a concept that had to be invented: While a key factor, an infrastructure cannot be reduced to providing technological services, but must include the expertise of communities and their involvement in its construction. Huma-Num's tenth anniversary is an opportunity to look back and look forward at this concept and its evolution. As part of the tenth anniversary celebrations, the IR* Huma-Num is hosting an international event entitled “Huma-Num at 10: Looking back & looking forward at research infrastructures in SHS” which will present the construction of national infrastructures for SHS in different European countries and measure the impact of European infrastructures on their development. This event will span two days, Monday 25 September and Tuesday 26 September 2023 at Campus Condorcet in Paris. The first day will be dedicated to the actions that Huma-Num has undertaken and the lessons learned after ten years as a national infrastructure for social sciences and humanities in France. We will address what happened during the previous ten years of this infrastructure dedicated to digital data in the SSH. It will also present the different changes that have taken place, as well as the perspectives for the coming years. This day will end with a ceremony hosted by the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). The second day will be focused on an exchange amongst other national infrastructures in Europe and how they organize themselves based on their own national contexts. We will also discuss what impact and effects Europe and European infrastructures like ERICs can have on these national infrastructures, as well as examining the opportunities provided by European projects in national research infrastructure strategy.
Disciplina científica :  Humanities and Social Sciences

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