New Mathematical Concepts and Applications in Life Sciences

4-8 mar. 2024
 - Casablanca (Marruecos)

The Commission of African Women in Mathematics (CAWM) in collaboration with the Ben M'Sick Faculty of Sciences at Hassan II University of Casablanca, organizes the international conference entitled "New Mathematical Concepts and Applications in Life Sciences" to be held in Casablanca from 4 to 8 March 2024. Take part in the organization of this event: the Laboratory of Analysis, Modelling and Simulation, the network of women mathematicians of the SM2A, the Moroccan Association of Women and Mathematics and African women in Mathematics Association. Mathematics plays a crucial role in life sciences, enabling the analysis and interpretation of complex data, modeling of biological systems, and predicting outcomes. Here are some new mathematical concepts and their applications in life sciences: 1. Topological Data Analysis (TDA): TDA is a mathematical technique that uses topology to analyze large, complex data sets. It has applications in life sciences, such as in the analysis of genetic and protein structures. 2. Bayesian Inference: Bayesian inference is a statistical technique based on Bayes' theorem that allows researchers to update their beliefs about a hypothesis as new data are collected. It is widely used in genomics, ecology, and epidemiology. 3. Dynamical Systems: Dynamical systems theory helps researchers model complex biological systems, such as the immune system, cancer progression, and cardiac arrhythmias. It provides a framework to analyze the behavior of the system over time and predict future outcomes. 4. Machine Learning: Machine learning algorithms are used to identify patterns in biological data and make predictions about disease outcomes. Applications include drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine. 5. Network Theory: Network theory is used to study complex biological systems, such as the human brain, social networks, and gene regulatory networks. It helps researchers understand the interactions between components and how they influence the system's behavior. Overall, new mathematical concepts and applications are advancing our understanding of complex biological systems and providing new tools to improve human health.
Disciplina científica :  Computer Science - Mathematics - Nonlinear Sciences - Quantitative Finance - Cognitive science - Environmental Sciences - Life Sciences - Engineering Sciences - Statistics

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