Bio-inspired aerial and aquatic locomotion

11-15 sept. 2023
Les Houches School of Physics - Les Houches (Francia)

The study of the mechanisms underlying animal swimming and flying has long motivated research efforts in the physical and biological sciences. Beyond the simple goal of understanding the fundamental question of animal locomotion, these problems have also inspired developments in engineering. It has certainly become commonplace to mention Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of flying machines in most lectures and courses dealing with bio-inspired mechanics. The last quarter century has seen a huge increase in work on these topics at the interface of physics and biology, driven in part by the democratization of experimental fluid mechanics tools in biology labs (notably particle image velocimetry and high-speed video). The objective of this workshop is to provide a collective picture of the state of the art and to indicate the avenues of research that we envision for the future. The focus will be on the macroscopic side of the broad topic of biolocomotion in fluids. We will address animal locomotion problems such as fish swimming or flapping flight, where fluid-structure interactions between a deformable body and its environment are placed in the context of vortex-dominated flows. In addition to the problem of pure locomotion, questions of interactions between individuals and collective behavior will be widely considered. Beyond the (bio)mechanics of the bodies involved, their actuation and passive elastic responses, and the fluid forces of the environment, we will also devote part of the discussion to sensory feedback systems, which are an intrinsic part of these unsteady problems. Keywords: Animal locomotion, undulatory swimming (fish swimming, snake swimming), flapping flight (insect flight), bio-inspiration, biomimetics, collective behaviour, hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, sensory-motor systems
Disciplina científica :  Biomechanics - Mechanics of the fluids - Fluid Dynamics - Animal biology - Automatic - Biomechanics

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