Workshop Robotic Computer Assisted Surgery

14-14 oct. 2023
Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital - Linkou (Taiwán)

The aim of the seminar is to provide an international platform for medical doctors, academic researchers, engineers, students and private industrials involved in the general field of Robotic and Computer Assisted Surgery, to exchange the latest research results and exchange views on future research directions in these areas. We will welcome abstracts and posters in topics related to assistive technologies for medical interventions and innovative surgical techniques including, but not limited to: Surgical robotics, Medical navigation, Augmented reality, Medical 3D printing, Image processing, Force or visual servoing, Orthopaedy, Craniotomy, Spinal surgery, Prosthesis, etc.
Disciplina científica :  Automatic - Biomechanics - Mechanics of the solides

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