The International Congress of Educational and Health Sciences

1-3 Nov 2023
 - Casablanca (Morocco)

The International Congress of Educational Sciences ICEHS'23, themed "Pedagogical Innovations and Simulations: Strategies, Contributions, Issues, and Reflections for Education and Training ICEHS'23 is a science meeting organized by Normal Higher School, Hassan II University of Casablanca and Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences Casablanca, Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zaid Foundation. ICEHS'23 is an invitation to spark debates and exchanges between education professionals and researchers on the fields of science, health sciences and digital education, with the purpose of sharing experiences, research work and enhancing innovative pedagogical practices. This conference is an opportunity to gather professionals and experts from several disciplines: computer sciences, health sciences, social sciences, sports sciences, data sciences and linguistic sciences, didactics of disciplines and professional didactics...
Scientific domain :  Technology for Human Learning - Computer Science and Game Theory - Medical Imaging - Learning - Modeling and Simulation

Place of the conference
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