V International Conference Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment

10-12 oct. 2023
Weimar, Germany - Weimar (Alemania)


The V International Conference Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment is part of a series of conferences started in 2009 by the RILEM Committee TC-217 “Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment.” This year the conference is organized by the Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research – IABgGmbH. The institute has more than 30 years of experience developing new products, technologies, and processes from natural materials and construction and demolition waste (CDW). The conference aims to debate and disseminate recent developments in the characterization, processing, and application of recovered materials from CDW to strengthen their production, foster confidence in their use, and, consequently, stimulate their demand. With this purpose, it is foreseen to increase the participation of all stakeholders while raising awareness about the great relevance of CDW recycling. This conference will include high-level scientific sessions, with Keynote Lectures given by well-known international experts, sessions with selected papers, and discussions on the most urgent issues related to CDW recycling. An excursion to a well-equipped stationary recycling plant is provided. It is expected that this Conference will contribute to improving resource efficiency in the construction sector, by providing interesting clues to closing the loop for materials and preserving natural resources and energy. List of Topics: •New and enhanced processing techniques for CDW •Innovative solutions for products based on CDW •Performance and durability of products with/from recycled material •Contributions of CDW recycling against the shortage of raw materials •Contributions of recycling against CO2 emission •Quality and confidence •Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costs •Case studies
Disciplina científica :  Environmental and Sociaty - Global Changes - Engineering Sciences - Materials - Other

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