International conference on Motivational and Cognitive Control

11-13 oct. 2023
The meeting will be conducted in the Campus "Berges du Rhone", Palais Hirsh of Université Lyon 2. To access the Grand-Amphitheatre of the ERATO building, please use the entrance at 18 quai Claude Bernard. - Lyon (Francia)

A fundamental feature of human thought and action is the ability to engage in a complex repertoire of behaviours geared towards remote goals. Humans often have to override reflexive and habitual reactions to orchestrate behaviour in accordance with intentions. Such control of response tendencies can be implemented via ‘cognitive' and or via reward-based, ‘motivational' systems. A number of neurological and psychiatric disorders are characterized by a breakdown in these systems. In this context, researchers from all over the world and from different disciplines are concerned with understanding the neural mechanisms underlying motivational and cognitive control.
Disciplina científica :  Neuroscience - Psychology - Neurons and Cognition

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