4 th EpilipidNet Meeting

10-12 Jul 2023
Toulouse, France - TOULOUSE (France)


Lipids (fats and oils) are molecules that play different biological roles, for example acting as energy resources, structural components or signaling molecules that regulate metabolic homeostasis. Most notably, lipids have been found to be involved in mediating tissue injury, inflammation, and related non-communicable diseases, which are responsible for near 70% of all deaths in developed countries. Lipids may be chemically or enzymatically modified, including by oxidation; this alters their properties and biological functions, and may also contribute to a variety of diseases. Lipidomics is the analysis of all lipids in a cell, tissue or organism, and Epilipidomics is defined as the study of the modified lipids described above. Both involve the use of complex protocols, various types of advanced instrumentation, and processing huge amounts of data. They are the most promising strategies for progress in the knowledge of lipids and their modifications, aiming at biomarker discovery for the prevention, early diagnosis, and monitoring of disease, as well as evaluation of therapeutics. EpiLipidNET network includes more than 300 members from 33 European Countries and 10 International Countries (SG, USA, CN...). The 4th EpiLipidNET Action meeting aims to bring together a multidisciplinary pan-European network of experienced and young researchers and stakeholders, from academia and industries.
Scientific domain :  Analytical chemistry - Biomolecules - Quantitative Methods

Place of the conference
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