GGMM 2023 - Young Modellers Conference

15-17 may. 2023
Hotel Mercure Toulouse Centre Compans ( ) - Toulouse (Francia)

The GGMM 2023 - Young Modellers Conference is intented to junior researchers to provide a platform to present their works in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This will also help young scientists across Europe to start connecting together at an early stage of their careers and exchange ideas and thoughts about their future career paths. Every two years the GGMM ( French Graphical and Molecular Modelling Group: ) organizes such a conference for young French researchers. In 2023, this conference will be held in Toulouse (15-17 May 2023), and will be open to young European modellers. Thanks to our different sponsors, and especially the CECAM (, we will able to propose a very low registration cost for young researchers: 300€ for the 3 days covering accommodation and meals costs. Senior researchers are also welcomed but the registration fees will be higher (around 450€) and the scientific committee will prioritize the choice of young researchers to speak at this conference. Nevertheless, it is also important for young scientists to discuss with experienced researchers to help them to get some feedback about their research or to discuss about scientific opportunities (post-doc, career advices, etc ..). So, 5 renown scientists will present their work on multiscale modelling (SJ Marrink), integrative approaches (L Delemotte), methodological developments (JPP Piquemal), molecular and drug design (N Ferruz), and molecular interactions (E Faada).
Disciplina científica :  Cheminformatics - Theoretical and/or physical chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry - Bioinformatics - Modeling and Simulation - Biological Physics

Lugar de la conferencia
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