MECAREACT 2023: Vibrational and electronic spectroscopies applied to the study of reaction mechanisms

18-23 Jun 2023
Conference center FIAP Jean Monnet (30 Rue Cabanis - 75014 Paris) - Paris (France)

The MECAREACT interdisciplinary thematic school aims at laying the fundamental bases to understand the possibilities of optical spectroscopies in the study of reaction mechanisms in various fields of chemistry (photochemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, etc.), and the best strategies (experimental, but also for data processing and their interpretation) to apply for a given reaction of interest. Topics are the following: Time-resolved UV-Vis-Raman-IR-fluorescence spectroscopies - Data treatment : chemometrics, kinetics modelling - Quantum chemistry for spectral interpretation - Triggering techniques - New experimental approaches - In situ & operando spectroscopies - Applications to biochemistry, photochemistry, catalysis, photobiology, condensed phases, interfaces
Scientific domain :  Chemical Sciences

Place of the conference
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