Workshop on coupled electron-nuclei dynamics for electron capture processes

15-16 Feb 2023
Sorbonne université, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 Place Jussieu, Paris, France - Paris (France)

Inter-particle Coulombic electron capture (ICEC) is a recently discovered environment-enabled electron capture process by means of which a free electron can be efficiently attached to a system (i.e. ion, atom, molecule, or quantum dot). The excess electron attachment energy is simultaneously transferred to a neighboring system which undergoes ionization. ICEC has been predicted theoretically in van-der-Waals and hydrogen bonded systems as well as in quantum dot arrays. The theoretical approaches employed in these works range from analytical models to ab-initio electronic structure and dynamical calculations. A common assumption in these approaches is that nuclei remain fixed during ICEC. However, based on observations on the related inter-particle Coulombic decay (ICD), nuclear dynamics should play an important role changing the efficiency and/or influencing the final state of the system. The aim of our workshop is to discuss original quantum-dynamical methods to provide a complete description of ICEC. The workshop will take place in Paris (Room 101, Tower 32-42 first floor, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 Place Jussieu) on February 15-16. There is no registration fee, but the number of (in-person) participants is limited. The workshop will also be broadcast online, but registration is also mandatory.
Scientific domain :  Theoretical and/or physical chemistry

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