RNA biology and applications symposium

2-3 Feb 2023
Amphithéâtre Buffon - 75013 (France)


The Thematic Institute of molecular and structural biology of the French Alliance for life science (Aviesan) is programming a 2 days symposium dedicated to RNA biology and applications, that is a very active field with emerging topics. Coding and non-coding RNAs are today central players in biology and medicine. RNA binding proteins act as modulators of RNAs functions, dysregulated RNA-protein interactions being linked to human pathologies, leading for example to misfolding or aggregations in membraneless organelles. In addition to human RNAs, bacterial RNAs and RNA viruses, are regarded as drug targets. Epitranscriptomics, with modifications found in RNAs and associated proteins has also come to the focus of intense research and revealed their roles in many aspects of RNA biology and diseases. Finally RNA medicines are actively developed for different therapeutic applications.
Scientific domain :  Life Sciences

Place of the conference
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