Tutorial on Design Theory

31 ene.-2 feb. 2024
Mines Paris - Paris (Francia)


The Design Theory Tutorial goal is to provide relevant, inspiring and actionable knowledge to researchers looking to increase their knowledge and competencies in Design Theory. Target audience is scholars, especially PhD students and post-doc students, who are interested in research topics related to design theory. The objectives of the session are: To learn some of the foundational models used in design theory and research, their relationship and the historical context within which they were proposed, To develop skills in applying a variety of design methods in various situations for different purposes – including for research, To interact with and learn from specialist researchers in the field to develop and refine their own research questions and to build future collaboration opportunities. All professors of the tutorial are international researchers from leading labs working on Design Theory (Carnegie Mellon University, Tel Aviv University, Otto-von-Guericke University, ORT Braude College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Pennsylvania State University, James Madison University, MINES ParisTech, etc.)
Disciplina científica :  Humanities and Social Sciences

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