17h SIG Workshop on Design Theory

29-30 janv. 2024
Mines Paris, 60 Boulevard Saint-Michel - 75006 PARIS France - Paris (France)


The general goal of the Design theory SIG is to organize, collect and support research work that contributes to the renewal of Design theory by benefiting from new scientific advances, and by adapting it to highly innovative design situations. The Design Theory SIG evolves along two main directions: the “hard program” (formal design theory) and the “open program” (design theory and design issues), that are closely interacting with each other: the “open program” uses the results of the hard program to deal with issues in many areas (including management, economics, art and, philosophy). This interaction has also lead to raise new questions for the “hard program”. This dual logic was used for instance to discuss design theory and methods (how methods use DT and imploring DT to ask new questions to enhance itself) or to discuss design enigma coming from art (how art and symbolic objects could raise interesting questions for DT). The Design Theory Tutorial goal is to provide relevant, inspiring and actionable knowledge to researchers looking to increase their knowledge and competencies in Design Theory.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences de l'Homme et Société - Sciences de l'ingénieur

Lieu de la conférence
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