European Birdsong Meeting 2024

13-14 juin 2024
 - Bordeaux (France)

The European Birdsong meeting (EBM) is a scientific event organized for European researchers dedicated to the study of birdsong and its neural mechanisms. The meeting series started in Paris in 2012 and has been held in Odense (Denmark, 2013), Munich (Germany, 2014), Capo Caccia (Italy, 2015), Bordeaux (France, 2017), Odense (2018), and Capo Caccia (Italy, 2022, 2024). The objective of the meeting is to bring together PIs, senior researchers, post-docs, and PhD students, giving them the opportunity to present their most recent work and to foster new ideas. Including plenary sessions and poster presentations, the meeting has been a great place for exchanging opinions on birdsong at various levels, from the cellular levels to the most integrated functions. Neuroscience, ethology, and cognition have been the main general topics of interest.
Discipline scientifique :  Neurosciences

Lieu de la conférence
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