Workshop: How to describe biological data? A primer to a FAIR approach for now and the future

7-7 juin 2024
M3 Forschungszentrum Otfried-Müller-Straße 37 72076 Tübingen Seminar Room 2.208 - Tübingen (Allemagne)

Current good science practices require to correctly label the data produced in modern biology. Not only do these labels give context and interpretation during data analysis, but they also allow interoperability between different investigations and potential reanalyses. However, the process of describing your data thoroughly, i.e. adding correct metadata, is not straightforward and can be confusing. This workshop provides guidance on how to describe your datasets in a FAIR manner which ensures that your uploaded data is findable and re-usable by machines and humans for future data analysis and comparable results by you and others. The focus will be on using terms based on existing ontologies and controlled vocabulary (to increase future machine-actionable analysis). The workshop is organized by the NFDI4Microbiota, a consortium that is part of the German NFDI (National research Data Infrastructure). One of the missions of the NFDI4Microbiota is to support the microbiology research community in making its data more FAIR via adequate tools and training.
Discipline scientifique :  Base de données - Bibliothèque électronique - Sciences du Vivant - Biologie animale - Biologie végétale - Microbiologie et Parasitologie - Science des sols

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