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15-16 mai 2024

The International Conference on Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a first event that brings together researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences in the areas of research, innovation and of entrepreneurship. This conference provides a unique platform to explore the latest trends and advancements in these crucial areas, while fostering collaboration and networking among participants. During this conference, world-renowned experts will lead plenary sessions, interactive workshops and research presentations on a variety of topics related to research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their own research, share their innovative ideas, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise in these evolving fields. In addition to academic sessions, the International Conference on Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship will also feature networking activities, local business visits and roundtable discussions with industry leaders to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas between the participants. This conference promises to be an enriching experience for all who attend, providing a unique opportunity to learn, inspire and connect with other key players in the world of research, innovation and technology. entrepreneurship. The scientific domain of the International Conference on Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship includes several fields, such as: 1. Engineering Sciences 2. Health Sciences 3. Social and Human Sciences 4. Environmental Sciences 5. Education Sciences 6. Computer Sciences 7. Economic and Business Sciences 8. Communication Sciences 9. Artificiel Intelligence 10. Entrepreneurship Among these fields, the best scientific domain for this conference could be Engineering Sciences, due to its increasing importance in the development of innovative technologies and entrepreneurial solutions. This field offers a wide range of research and innovation topics that have a significant impact on society and the economy, making it a key area for the International Conference on Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie - Informatique - Mathématiques - Physique - Économie et finance quantitative - Sciences cognitives - Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences de l'ingénieur

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