2024 French MOFs, COFs and Porous Polymers Conference

10-11 juin 2024
BU Science La Doua Campus LyonTech-la Doua 20 Av. Gaston Berger 69100 Villeurbanne Accès: https://www.univ-lyon1.fr/campus/plan-des-campus - Villeurbanne (France)


Inaugurated in 2018, this conference is free to access and brings together French and European researchers working on the chemistry of new porous materials. Beyond fundamental knowledge and academic results on the development of innovative materials, our goal is also to promote the competitiveness of this research area and to strengthen collaborations with industrial partners, in particular on the subject of air pollution control, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, towards increased sustainability of chemical processes.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie - Chimie analytique - Catalyse - Chemo-informatique - Chimie de coordination - Cristallographie - Génie chimique - Chimie inorganique - Matériaux

Lieu de la conférence
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