25-25 juin 2024
Https:// splinter in the COOL STARS 22 conference from 24–28 June 2024. Website - San Diego, California (États-Unis)

In this splinter session we wish to address unsolved astrophysical questions that require a well-characterized, volume-complete sample, such as the shape of the mass function at low masses, the efficiency of planet formation, the efficiency of star formation to create binary and higher-order systems and their stability across time. We will explore why completeness is so important. Apart from cataloging the objects what else is needed? Where is the point that errors in our knowledge begins to dominate the Poisson noise of the sample? At what distance are the samples large enough to place strong constraints on the various formation and evolutionary theories?
Discipline scientifique :  Astrophysique stellaire et solaire

Lieu de la conférence
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