Workshop Data Structures in Bioinformatics

14-15 mars 2024
Montpellier, South of France on the Campus St Priest, from Montpellier University - Montpellier (France)

The workshop "Data Structures in Bioinformatics", or DSB for short, is an annual scientific meeting at the crossroads of computer science and biology. It is the unique forum to discuss compact data structures and their applications for processing data from life sciences. Why Data Structures? Data Structures organize your data in memory, allow querying and mining the data on-the-fly in optimal or nearly optimal Why applications in life sciences? Life Sciences experience a revolution in data acquisition technologies, which yield huge quantities of sequencing data, moreover - they target multiple, diverse molecular substrates and phenomena, - they offer a wide range of application domains (health, environment, agronomy, …) - and require complex, efficient, and scalable data mining approaches. Why algorithms for compact data structures? Although DS aren't their main focus, bioinformatics methods heavily relies on compact DS. Thus, efficient algorithms for building, querying or maintaining DS are crucial for scalability This recent topic fosters innovative ideas, a dynamic community, and beautiful algorithms.
Discipline scientifique :  Informatique - Bio-informatique

Lieu de la conférence
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