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International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Systems

17-18 mai 2024
Ecole supérieure de technologie Guelmim - GUELMIM (Maroc)

The ICS3EIS is an international forum organized by the Higher School of Technology, Guelmim-Morocco. It aims to bring together academics and experts to exchange their latest advances in scientific research on sustainable energy, electrical engineering, and intelligent systems. The primary goal of this forum is to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among professionals in these fields. The multidisciplinary nature of the topics covered will facilitate new collaborations and promote the advancement of various scientific and technical fields. The IC3EIS conference will be held at the Higher School of Technology, Guelmim-Morocco May 17th and 18th, 2024. This conference provides an opportunity for participants to publish their research papers in a SCOPUS indexed journal. Please refer to the "publication page" for more information. We cordially invite you to present your work by submitting your contributions before the deadline of March 31th, 2024.
Discipline scientifique :  Informatique - Mathématiques - Physique - Sciences de l'ingénieur

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