Workshop on larger discourse units in (spoken) language

21-22 mars 2024
 - Paris (France)

The present workshop is based on a collaboration between the projects “Morphosyntax in Discourse” of the LABEX Empirical Foundations in Language in Paris ( and “Prominence-related structures in symmetrical voice systems and Papuan languages” of the Collaborative Research Centre Prominence in Language in Cologne ( We hope to discover, on the one hand, operationalizable methods for identifying larger discourse units with the help of semantic, lexical, grammatical and/or prosodic cues both in well-studied and in more recently documented languages. On the other hand, we wish to investigate whether and to what extent certain morphosyntactic phenomena (e.g. differential case marking, the use of a specific voice construction, aspect morphology etc.) are prone to occur either within discourse units or at their boundaries. The workshop is meant as an opportunity for researchers from different theoretical backgrounds and with an expertise on typologically distinct languages to make further progress in the analysis of discourse data.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences de l'Homme et Société - Linguistique

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