Mathematical tools for Oncology

24-25 avr. 2024
Oncolille Institute, boulevard du Professeur Jules Leclercq - Lille (France)

Mathematical oncology is defined by the collection of mathematical and computational tools to study and predict the different phenomena occurring in cancer. Despite all the progresses in this field the last decades, the complexity and the huge number of the biological processes playing a role in cancer are still a source of challenges for mathematicians. We believe that the interaction between mathematicians and researchers working in the field of oncology is important to make researches benefit from the power of mathematical tools. Thus, this workshop aims to present to mathematicians and non-mathematicians some of the mathematical and numerical techniques that can be used in interdisciplinary projects. We hope new ideas emerge and possibly new collaborations initiate from the workshop.
Discipline scientifique :  Bio-informatique - Apprentissage - Modélisation et simulation - Analyse numérique - Equations aux dérivées partielles - Statistiques

Lieu de la conférence
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