Experimental Grammar 2024

3-8 juin 2024
Igesa, Rue de la Douane, 83400 Ile de Porquerolles - Porquerolles (France)


This summer school Experimental Grammar 2024 is the third edition after Berder (Brittany) in 2013 (https://experimentalgrammar.wordpress.com) and Cargèse (Corsica) in 2017 https://expgram2017.sciencesconf.org/. It is funded by Université Paris Cité, Laboratoire d’Excellence  Empirical Foundations of Linguistics and Paris Graduate school of linguistics https://paris-gsl.org/ The courses will present new methodologies for experimental studies, quantitative studies using large corpora, as well as new approaches in morphology, syntax, semantics and language acquisition. The availability of large corpora, some of them annotated, for a large variety of languages, has been beneficial for corpus-based grammar. Most linguistic theories agree on the necessity of testing their hypotheses with experimental methods (controlled acceptability judgements, reading times, eye movement, EEG…) on comprehension and production tasks. It is also important to compare human processing and the performances achieved by large language models (LLM).
Discipline scientifique :  Linguistique

Lieu de la conférence
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