Second International AICC Conference (Action versus Inaction facing Climate Change)

17-18 juin 2024
17 juin : Parlement européen 18 juin : Université de Strasbourg - Strasbourg (France)

AICC is an interdisciplinary conference open to scholars, stakeholders and more generally citizens concerned by Climate Change. It offers an outstanding opportunity for scholars interested in Climate Change to present their research and engage in idea exchange. The organizers warmly invite participants at different stages of their careers: junior to senior researchers, master and Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers, and professionals across diverse sectors, including business, government, and non-government institutions. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes the following fields: 1. Energy Transition: Interdisciplinary Analysis of Approaches for Sustainable Energy Transition 2. Circular Economy: Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact of Adopting Circular Models 3. Understanding Individual and Collective Attitudes Towards Climate Change 4. Technological Innovation: Role of Technological progress to limit Climate Change 5. Linking Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Adaptation Strategies 6. Communication and Environmental Ethics: Ethical Implications of Climate Actions and Policies 7. Sustainable Urban Planning and Environmental Sustainability 8. Green Finance: Role of Financial Markets in Financing Environmentally Friendly Projects 9. Climate Change Adaptation: Sustainable Adaptation Strategies at Different Scales 10. Health and Environment: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health and Healthcare Systems 11. Sustainable Mobility: Interdisciplinary Perspectives to study demand for mobility 12. Environmental Education: Pedagogical Approaches to Raise Awareness about Climate Urgency 13. North-South Climate Challenges: Exploring the Complex Dynamics and Disparities of Climate Impacts, Responses and Vulnerabilities Between North and South Countries Agenda and location : Day 1 (June 17) is open to a general audience at the European Parliament. Invited keynote speakers, round table, and poster sessions. Day 2 (June 18) is targeted to an academic audience in Pôle Européen de Gestion et d'Economie (PEGE) 61 Av. de la Forêt-Noire, Strasbourg. One or two keynote speakers, interdisciplinary parallel sessions, and poster sessions. Permanent international AICC Committee: André de Palma, CY Cergy Paris Université Moshe Ben-Akiva, MIT, USA Robin Lindsey, University of British Colombia, CA Nathalie Picard, Unistra, BETA Stef Proost, KULeuven, BE Franck Lecoq, CIRED, AgroParisTech Marc Fleurbaey, PSE Antoine Ebeling, Unistra, BETA Jérémy Picot, Unistra, BETA AICC 2024 Committee: Nathalie Picard, Unistra, BETA Philippe Hamman, Unistra, SAGE Nadège Blond, Unistra, LIVE Jérémy Picot, Unistra, BETA Jens Abildtrup, INRAE, BETA Asmae Aqzzouz, Unistra, BETA Wilfrid Azan, Unistra, BETA Valentine Erné-Heintz, UHA, CERDACC Ioana Filipas, Unistra, BETA Kenji Fujiki, Unistra, LIVE Justyna Hejman-Mancewicz, Unistra, DRES Jérôme Hergueux, CNRS, BETA Herrade Igersheim, CNRS, BETA Ioannis Kalientzidis, Unistra, BETA Anne Rozan, ENGEES, SAGE Anne Stenger, INRAE, BETA Philippe Viallon, Unistra, LISEC, Melis Aras, SAGE With the financial support of: Bureau d'Economie Théorique et Appliqué (BETA) Sociétés, Acteurs, Gouvernement en Europe (SAGE) Théorie Economique Modélisation et Applications (THEMA) Chaire Ressources Naturelles Economie Locale (RENEL) Fédération Recherche Environnement et durabilité (FERED)
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Lieu de la conférence
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