Second Conference on Bantoid Languages and Linguistics

6-8 juin 2024
Department of African Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, University of Yaoundé 1 - Yaoundé (Cameroun)

The 2nd “Conference on Bantoid Languages and Linguistics” (Banto2d) intends to bring together African and international researchers and community literacy activists to produce an up-to-date picture of the 150+ Bantoid languages of Cameroon and Nigeria, with major branches subdividing in Dakoid, Mambiloid, Tivoid, Beboid, Grassfields and Ekoid. Bantoid languages are understood to be in some way ancestral to Bantu, but this relationship remains ill-defined and they are still poorly represented in international scholarship. As a complement to the existing conference series on Bantu languages, “Banto2d” is meant to provide a forum dedicated to descriptive, typological and comparative challenges of the “Bantu borderland” outside Narrow Bantu.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences de l'Homme et Société

Lieu de la conférence
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