1st Study day on applied chemistry and environmental engineering

22-22 avr. 2024
University of Echahid Hamma-Lakhdar, El-Oued Faculty of Exact Sciences Department of Chemistry - El-Oued (Algérie)


This scientific manifestation is part of the program of activities realized by the Department of Chemistry in cooperation with the research laboratory “Applied Chemistry and Environment” in order to motivate researchers, especially PhD students, to present the results of their works and to discuss them with various categories of researchers. On the other hand, this can create an opportunity of cooperation and scientific exchange between the different participants. This manifestation is mainly concerned on the field of applied chemistry and environmental engineering because of their great importance in the chemical sciences and in human daily life. The event topics cover four themes within the scope of the event's title. The first topic is concerned in the Chemical depollution and environmental protection. This subject has recently become the most important concern of the authorities and organizations concerned by this problem. However, the second topic is focused on the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and drug discovery, where this topic is concerned on the importance of the science chemistry in drug discovery and in pharmaceutical field. The other two topics cover the most important discoveries in organic synthesis and catalysis with all its applications, as well as the most important research in phytochemistry and medicinal plants.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie - Sciences de l'environnement

Lieu de la conférence
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