International Multisensory Research Forum

17-20 juin 2024
University of Nevada, Reno - Reno (États-Unis)

The 25th annual International Multisensory Research Forum is a scientific meeting that aims to advance our understanding of how the nervous system processes information from multiple senses to shape both perception and action. This multidisciplinary conference features neuroscientists, psychologists, engineers, biologists, cognitive scientists and others coming together to present and discuss the most recent and impactful work in the field. Active topics of research include human and animal behavior, sensory anatomy and physiology, neural correlates of multisensory processes, computational modeling, perception, attention, development, adaptation, decision making, as well as clinical and technological applications.
Discipline scientifique :  Neurosciences - Psychologie - Neurosciences - Neurobiologie - Psychologie et comportements - Sciences cognitives

Lieu de la conférence
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