The 1st International Workshop on Artificial Learning for Cyber Security

4-7 déc. 2023
 - Giza (Égypte)

Artificial learning has demonstrated its ability to resolve several complex problems in various fields including cybersecurity, which protects critical systems and sensitive information against digital attacks. This workshop aims to explore the recent artificial learning (AL) algorithms and techniques that can be utilized to resolve complex problems in the cybersecurity field such as cyberattacks, and data protection and security. It is an opportunity to present and discuss the recent fundamental and applied research works, providing novel solutions to emerging challenges in cybersecurity and other related fields. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: - Advanced AL algorithms and methods for data analytics (deep learning, statistical learning, federated learning, …) - AL for cyberattacks (ransomware attacks, spoofing attacks, IoT attacks, identity-based attacks, Cloud attacks, cryptocurrency attacks, ...) - AL for Healthcare Cybersecurity - AL for Biometric recognition and security - AL for Blockchain - AL for Cryptography - AL for Telecommunication - AL for data protection and security - AL for predictive and adaptive security - Related applications
Discipline scientifique :  Informatique - Intelligence artificielle - Cryptographie et sécurité - Apprentissage - Réseau de neurones

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