2nd International Congress on Coastal Research

8-10 déc. 2023
Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier - Tangier (Maroc)


The forthcoming Second International Congress on Coastal Research (ICCR2) represents an expansive academic forum dedicated to all dimensions of coastal research. The remit of the congress transcends foundational considerations, encapsulating a broad spectrum of academic domains. These include, but are not limited to, significant constituents of geological sciences, specialized studies in biology focusing on ecology and coastal marine ecosystems, and the discipline of physical geography with particular emphasis on geomorphology. Moreover, the congress will engage in scholarly exploration of subjects related to climatology, coastal oceanography, and the often-underrepresented field of coastal hydrogeology. In a concerted effort to foster a comprehensive understanding, the congress will also address facets of environmental resource management, engineering disciplines, and remote sensing methodologies. Understanding the imperative role of policy, legislation, and socio-political components in the sphere of coastal research, the ICCR2 will assign considerable focus to policy discussions, coastal legal frameworks, and germane issues such as conflict resolution and risk management. The congress will also venture into the intricacies of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, underlining its vital role in the future of coastal research. ICCR2 is envisaged as a universal assembly, attracting delegates from diverse geographical locales. It is committed to facilitating cooperation, inciting academic discourse, and disseminating the latest findings from coastal research studies and projects. The congress extends an invitation to not only researchers but also practitioners and educators, offering them an exceptional interdisciplinary platform. This forum allows for the presentation and debate of recent innovations, emergent trends, and pressing concerns. Furthermore, the ICCR2 creates an environment conducive to sharing practical challenges faced by these professionals and discussing potential resolutions employed in the dynamic field of coastal environmental sciences.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie - Sciences de l'environnement - Biodiversité et Ecologie - Environnement et Société - Milieux et Changements globaux - Planète et Univers - Interfaces continentales, environnement - Océan, Atmosphère - Autre - Sciences de la Terre - Archéologie et Préhistoire

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