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Quasiprobability distributions in quantum mechanics and quantum information

8-10 nov. 2023
Université de Lille, campus Cité Scientifique - Villeneuve d'Ascq (France)

Quasiprobability distributions have played an important role in the development of quantum mechanics from its beginnings. The Wigner function, and more broadly, the Wigner-Weyl phase space formulation of quantum mechanics, were initially designed to provide an intuitive interpretation of quantum mechanics and its differences from classical mechanics. Together with the related P and Q functions, they have in addition played a crucial role in the development of quantum optics and continuous variable quantum information theory over the last few decades. Much more recently, the Kirkwood-Dirac quasiprobability distribution has come to the foreground as a tool in discrete variable quantum mechanics and quantum information theory, useful in a variety of studies, both foundational and applied. This workshop will bring together physicists and mathematicians studying all aspects of the use of quasiprobabilities in quantum mechanics and quantum optics, as well as of their recent applications in quantum information theory and quantum metrology.
Discipline scientifique :  Mathématiques - Physique Quantique

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