Multi-wavelength AGN Structure and Cosmological Applications

9-13 oct. 2023
Université Cote d'Azur - Nice (France)

MASCA is a conference aimed at sharing findings on AGN on 0.1-100 pc spatial scales at any wavelength, from x-ray to the VLBI. We aim to focus on:

- the subparsec scales and jets;
- the Broad Line Region;
- parsec scale structure, composition, and kinematics;
- the link with the central host galaxy <100 pc bulge region;
- the use of AGN information on a cosmic scale, which includes galactic evolution and contribution to the cosmological tension problem;
- and the instrumentation that we require to address the above points.

While Active Galactic Nuclei have been well studied across the full EM spectrum, the details of their inner structure and their relationship with their hosts remain hot topics of research as the detailed physical processes are still debated. However, with recent improvements in high angular resolution instrumentation (e.g. VLT(I), JWST, ALMA, and the soon to be ELT) and advances in computational simulations, we are starting to construct a panchromatic understanding of AGN. Recent breakthroughs in AGN previously constrained to a small number of objects or redshifts are soon able to be applied to much larger samples. For example, angularly resolving the BLR and imaging the pc scale dust and gas structure. This makes it a prime time to facilitate discussion across the different wavelength regimes to encourage collaboration and build a complete picture of these influential objects.
Discipline scientifique :  Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique

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