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The 2nd Electrical Engineering International Conference EEIC'23

5-6 déc. 2023
University of Bejaia - BEJAIA (Algérie)

The second Electrical Engineering International Conference (EEIC'23) will provide a forum for researchers and students to present and share recent research results and ideas in the field of Electrical Engineering and related topics. EEIC'23 will be held in the University Abderrahmane MIRA of Bejaia (Algeria), and will be organized by the Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology. The opportunity will also be offered to the various actors of the socio-economic sectors to express their concerns to the scientific community and to study together the possibilities of exchange and cooperation on current research topics carrying new and innovative ideas.
Discipline scientifique :  Intelligence artificielle - Automatique - Vision par ordinateur et reconnaissance de formes - Imagerie médicale - Modélisation et simulation - Réseau de neurones - Réseaux et télécommunications

Lieu de la conférence
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