Auditory Development Workshop

20-21 nov. 2023
Campus Saint Germain, 45 rue des saints-pères, 75006, Paris, France - France (France)

The main objective of this 2-day workshop is to bring together European researchers exploring human auditory development in order to exchange about our latest results on the development of: auditory scene analyses, spatial hearing, speech perception, auditory physiological responses, auditory functions, auditory cognition, and atypical auditory perception. We aim to invite researchers representing several European countries and to welcome young, intermediate and senior researchers during these 2 days. Over 2-days we will have 6 sessions of talks and 3 poster sessions. At the end of each there will be a round table to discussion about the different topics of the day.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences cognitives

Lieu de la conférence
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