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13th International Seminar on Speech Production

13-17 mai 2024
 - Autrans (France)

ISSP was launched in 1988 in Grenoble with the aim of providing an interdisciplinary forum for researchers working on all aspects of speech production, with subsequent iterations in Leeds (1990), Old Saybrook (1993), Autrans (1996), Kloster Seeon (2000), Sydney (2003), Ubatuba (2006), Strasbourg (2008), Montreal (2011), Cologne (2014), Tianjin (2017) and virtually in Providence (2020). Topics of interest for this meeting include but are not limited to coarticulation, prosody, speech neuroscience, disordered speech, speech in aging populations, speech development, phonetic convergence, articulatory synthesis, acoustic-to-articulatory inversion, speech motor control, biomechanical modeling, instrumental techniques, speech technology, co-speech gesturing, and perturbation-induced plasticity.
Discipline scientifique :  Linguistique - Neurosciences - Psychologie - Linguistique - Psychologie

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