International Symposium on Palaeo-Bioinspiration

13-15 sept. 2023
Auditorium de la Grande Galerie de l'Évolution, French Museum of Natural History 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris - Paris (France)

Bioinspiration is an approach to innovation that transforms ideas and principles found in nature into products, processes and systems. Given that current species represent only 0.1% of all life that has ever existed on earth, a bioinspired approach based on the observation of paleobiological systems increases the potential of bioinspiration considerably. The fossil record offers not only a greater diversity of biological models compared to current biological systems, but also provides context for understanding the form, function, and origins of key traits of interest observed in living systems.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences du Vivant - Sciences de l'ingénieur

Lieu de la conférence
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