12-13 avr. 2023
Department of Management Studies of M S UNIVERSITY, TAMILNADU, started in the year 2001 to provide management education specially to rural south Tamilnadu. The department provides MBA and the PhD in HR, FINANCE, MARKETING, OPERATIONS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP. - TIRUNELVELI, a city and district headquarters located in place surrounded with rich historical presence and evidences of heritage and existence of old civilization. (Inde)

The conference is conducted to have a consensual discussion to ensure sustainability in our ecosystem. Companies strive their best to achieve success with lesser carbon prints. Globally, all organizations speak about SDG, ECG, circular economy and so on... achieving the goal of SDG by 2030 seems to be a bit challenging in reality as still stakeholders of the earth are lacking the importance of sustainable future. To have a better understanding, thinking of alternative practices, convincing the laggards, etc seems to be very much imperative in this current complex business situation be the reason for this conference. Dear Authors / Researchers / Policy makers We welcome you for the shown interest towards this conference on Sustainability Marketing Strategies. This is the third conference in the series. The login can be done with your existing credentials or new registration should be done to submit the abstracts and final paper for the conference. • The abstract should be in 12 size of Calibri (Body) font • All abstracts should carry keywords to the maximum of five • Do not forget to mention the affiliation with proper communication details Starting date to submit the abstracts from 20.02.2023 Last date to submit the abstracts is 22.03.2023 Starting date to submit the full paper is 23.03.2023 Last date to submit the full paper is 06.04.2023
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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