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26th Annual Coalition Theory Network (CTN) Conference

15-16 mai 2023
Bielefeld University - Bielefeld (Allemagne)

Bielefeld University and the Center for Mathematical Economics (IMW) are happy to host the 26th Coalition Theory Network Conference on Monday 15 – Tuesday 16 May 2023. The Coalition Theory Network (CTN) is an association of nine high-level scientific institutions whose aim has been the advancement and diffusion of research in the (very broadly defined) areas of network theory and coalition formation for almost thirty years. From their beginning, their annual workshop has brought together European scholars to discuss current developments, form new collaborations, and foster the use of these theoretical works in applied research. While the theories of cooperative games, coalition formation, social choice, and mechanism design have a long tradition in economics, in recent years, they have attracted a lot of attention in computer sciences as well: computational aspects of social choice and mechanisms have been investigated; theories of network and coalition formation have been used in task allocation and parallel computing; mechanisms have been designed for the operation of crypto currencies; power indices have been used to identify key features in machine learning algorithms. Thus, this year’s workshop will have a particular focus on these intersections of economics and computer science. The keynote speakers will be: Edith Elkind (Department of Computer Science, The University of Oxford) Arunava Sen (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi) Gabrielle Demange (Paris School of Economics)
Discipline scientifique :  Informatique - Informatique et théorie des jeux - Mathématiques - Sciences de l'environnement - Environnement et Société - Sciences de l'Homme et Société - Economies et finances

Lieu de la conférence
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