Neuroimmunology Symposium

11-12 mai 2023
Institut Pasteur Lille - Lille (France)

The Neuroimmunology symposium is organised by the French Neuroimunology Club (CFNI), which is affiliated to the french society of immunology (SFI) and the French Neuroscience society (SFN). Neuroimmunology is a multifaceted discipline integrating the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. These systems communicate extensively benefitting their mutual fitness. Neurotransmitters, neuroendocrine hormones, and nociception regulate immune activity, while body temperature, sleep, feeding behaviour and cognition are influenced by the immune system. Privileged by the blood-brain-barrier the central nervous system is not exempt from meningeal immune surveillance and controlled neuroinflammation. This is essential for immune protection against microbial infections, tumour control and maintaining latency of neurotropic viruses. Dysregulation of the innate or adaptive immune response is implicated in neurodegenerative and demyelinating diseases, autoimmune and infectious encephalitis, malignant proliferations, and psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder). Sessions with a duration of 1h - 1h30 will be animated by a national or european expert followed by 2-3 shorter presentations that are selected from submitted abstracts.
Discipline scientifique :  Sciences du Vivant - Immunologie - Neurosciences

Lieu de la conférence
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