3rd International Symposium on Inner Ear Therapeutics

28-30 avr. 2023
 - Marrakech (Maroc)


INNER EAR THERAPEUTICS: UPDATES AND CHALLENGES FOR APPLICATIONS Preclinical Models of Hearing & Balance Disorders Therapy Product Development and Manufacturing Clinical characterization of Hearing & Balance Disorders, what next steps? Clinical trials for hearing disorders: where are we and how close are we? Advancing tools in Genetic screening, clinical investigations, and Diagnosis Update on Translatable Research of hearing loss and balance Disorders Recent Advances in Gene Therapy for Deafness and Balance Disorder Next generation of hearing aids and cochlear implants Robotic Assistant surgery and Delivery in otology Regenerative and Drug-based therapies
Discipline scientifique :  Médecine humaine et pathologie - Organes des sens

Lieu de la conférence
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