6th Quantum Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Conference

29 août-1 sept. 2023
The conference will take place in the center of Warsaw, Poland, at the Insitute of Physical Chemistry PAS. - Warsaw (Pologne)


The 6th Quantum Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Conference will be held from 29.08 to 01.9.2023 in Warsaw, Poland. The conference is organized jointly by the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences (IChF) in Warsaw, and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). The 2022 conference follows the previous QBIC meetings in Warwick (1999), Lund (2003), Český Krumlov (2011), Bath (2018), and Marseille (2019). QBIC-VI is the third meeting organized since the founding of the Quantum Bioinorganic Chemistry Society (https://www.qbicsoc.org/). The scientific focus of the conference is on computational inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, covering theoretical methods, novel applications, and combined computational/experimental approaches.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie - Catalyse - Chemo-informatique - Chimie de coordination - Cristallographie - Chimie inorganique - Matériaux - Chimie organique - Autre

Lieu de la conférence
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