Séminaire Marocain sur l’Innovation Industrielle SM2I-1

15-16 mars 2023
Bibliothèque universitaire Mohammed Sekkat, Km 7, N1, Route d'El Jadida - Casablanca (Maroc)


To promote and develop scientific research in the field of sustainable chemistry, the department of chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences Ben M'Sik, Hassan II University of Casablanca, is organizing the Conference on Sustainable Chemistry. This conference will be an opportunity for researchers to introduce their research work and exchange experiences in the various fields of sustainable chemistry. This event will also be an opportunity to meet with socio-economic operators working in the fields of chemistry and to adopt the principles of sustainable chemistry, such as: Prevention, Design of synthetic methods less hazardous, Design of safer chemicals, Less polluting solvents and auxiliaries, Search for energy efficiency, Use of renewable resources, Energy conversion and storage, Reduction of derivatives, Selective catalysis, Design of products with a view to their degradation, Real-time observation to prevent pollution, and Fundamentally more reliable chemistry. These topics offer new opportunities for chemistry to alleviate the negative effects of conventional chemical production transitioning toward more sustainable technologies. The program will include plenary lectures, oral communications, and poster presentations. It will take place in hybrid form in July 2021 given the health conditions imposed by the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
Discipline scientifique :  Chimie

Lieu de la conférence
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